Image by Eugenia Romanova

We are just starting out and growing every day, so  bare with us. Stop in frequently as we will be adding new items in our store often.

At Danz CNC Custom Woodworking we specialize in building custom wood projects to fit your needs. We build in many styles depending on what our clients need. Our specialization is in modern CNC woodworking of rustic styles of wood gifts. Each project is unique.. Our goal is to help you envision what your space needs and then bring that vision to life through quality craftsmanship. Every project is made from solid oak.  Using only the highest quality locally harvested hardwoods and softwoods, we are committed to building each piece with individualized attention to detail.

Dan, Owner of Danz CNC creations first started woodworking in high school. In a shop class he built his first ever piece a Lamp For his Mom For Christmas. He learned by fumbling through the process, making mistakes, and learning how to fix them. He says that what he loves about woodworking is taking something natural and turning it into something useful. The entire process from the selection of the wood, milling, cutting joinery, and finishing intoxicates and fascinates him. There is always a new problem to solve, a new decision to make, and a new skill to improve or learn for the first time. This brings a sense of joy and freedom that is hard to find anywhere outside of the shop.